The ‘wimmin’ of the nursing home

Screenshot (215)They were a close knit group of friends and in their fifties had vowed that they would all live together when they were older. When they did become pensioners they all moved into the same Residential Home. This wasn’t at all what Tilly had in mind ! There was going to be trouble!             

Each woman, a well defined strong, unique character, with an amazing story to tell, is closely interlinked with the others. Their lives are far from over as this chapter into older age begins. As they define new goals and right old wrongs. Embark on a suicidal bucket list and deliver karma. Hold on to your tena ladies for a romp into the twilight age zone. If your press the title “wimmin of the nursing home” above it should give you access to chapter one. It’s being updated daily or press this…..



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