About 20 years ago I started writing a novel called Malevolence when I lived in a Victorian psychiatric nurses home. It had and has what I think is a great storyline and over time that has become much more complex to such a degree I am working on it’s sequel at the same time.

A tale that begins with the friendship of two very different women and how the paths they chose to take would have a lifelong effect on them and the people they meet. It is of course a horror and there are angels and demons but possibly not in the way you might imagine. Their lives entwined, inextricably linked. An exploration of the darkest areas of human misery, deceit and betrayal whilst also a spiritual journey of enlightenment. Just read it ! It’s complicated ! Can’t say much about it really cos it would spoil the surprises.

A psychiatric nurse’s home part of the old asylum, tucked out of sight atop the hill, surrounded in woodland. Earlier still it had been a workhouse and the woodland sprouted life from the buried and long since rotten, corpses of the plague victims that afflicted the town below. This was a place where even the building was unhappy with it’s past!
This is the starting point for my novel The Malevolence. (I did extensive research years ago on the history of the town – enough to create an interesting tour)
The town is dripping with a rich dark history. An ancient small castle, offered poor protection from the Border Reiver’s, it observed the rigged witchtrials, where the corrupt witchpricker himself was burnt at the stake outside the foreboding court house. The many murders of the town, a train crash or three and even Emily Davison’s funeral procession.
For a small town it boasts more hauntings then any other. In fact it is hard to find someone that hasn’t had several strange ungodly experiences. There are reasons why and the reader is enlightened through the eyes of my main character, a reluctant psychic.



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