Soul Awakening

First story published

My first short story “The Heart” has been published in this wonderful anthology of horror writing. Fox Emm is a determined and talented editor and a clear passion for this genre. I suspect this anthology may be the first of many.

It can be found on Amazon using the link below.

Many thanks to Fox for increasing my confidence as a writer. By including my story it spurred me on with my current Novel “The Malevolence” which I hope to publish next year. I shall be updating my blog more regularly in the new year and including excerpts


Autumnal Equinox

My dreams continue to be most informative and instructive.

Yesterday a young man dressed in orange robes with a shaved head came to me. I assumed he was a Buddhist Monk. His role was collecting the single sources of energy and taking us to a gathering point.

The Dalai Lama was on a mound above this sea of amazing positive energy. His energy fed us. As different souls joined, it was possible to see their human incarnations and they looked like ordinary people. They were from all over the world and these souls were no different to me. These were going through similar to me and for the first time I felt, I was one of many.

Yesterday I was barely aware it was a Wednesday and only knew it was the 23rd because it is close to my birthday, I was not even sure I had even heard of an Autumnal Equinox before but that was the reason we were gathered.

There really is an eternal battle between good and evil and during the equinox, the hours of daylight are equal to night. At the moment of the equinox, we can gather and draw energy and strength from each other. This was an exciting time, for it is the first time that the good, positive energy was stronger than the dark.

As we were together, we created a protective shield of pure brilliant light that immediately wrapped around the entire planet. We could see the areas of the planet that needed attention and those areas that were thriving. The light seemed to come from our third eye area.

I was interested to look at my own area in the north east of England and as I got a closer look I saw that the area needed a lot of attention, it was dying and demons crawled all over it. There is much work to be done.

Most of the big cities of the world were crawling with demons and the City of London and Westminster was so choked with demonic activity, the River Thames was solid with demons and the houses of parliament, hidden under the mass of demons.

I saw the Vatican and it seems this is the epicentre for demonic activity. So many were spewing out of St. Peter’s Basilica, it looked like they were producing them.

The reason the pope had declined a visit from the Dalai Lama last year was that contact from this pure soul would be catastrophic to the dark energy housed there. The pope is a necromancer, adorned in his finery and preaching pure hatred. They are angry because they are losing their power. The days of light are coming and their days of power are numbered. They are at their most dangerous, threatened and defensive.

This is a time for all with spiritual healing energy to focus on healing our planet. It seems we have until Halloween and then we will regroup and evaluate the new time that we find ourselves.

It seems we have a sinus in our aura’s, between the kidneys at the back that others can attach to without our knowing. This is where demons of different levels can attach. During our gathering, we were able to remove the demons and entities that were attached to each other. I noticed there was another like myself that lives close to me. I will check them out when I am back in human form.

I left with the knowledge that healing people would be my purpose for now on. I also knew I would be working on my heart Chaka next and that I would be filled with compassion for the world again. Once I had completed my work on this Chaka, my soul would be ready to evolve but I don’t think it’s quite my time yet. I have a vision of what I am meant to do and how I am meant to help. I know now, and it feels good.

For the first time since I started dream working, I found it difficult to find my way back. I didn’t want to leave this place.

I will set up a place where people will find me and come to me and I will heal them and retrieve their fragmented souls, remove their demons, cleanse their chakras and restore them. If their souls awaken during the process then that too is good.

To be continued…

Mountain Talk

Chief Yellepit

He took me to a high place, easily 200-300 feet above the river and the lake. In the distance was a pointy mountain with a plume of smoke. He said they called it Hood. They called it some word with S’s in it… There were times when the ash would fall like rain and it would make the water in the river dangerous quicksand. It was truly a beautiful sight, brutal and elemental but awe-inspiring

He told me to look with my new vision; I wasn’t sure what he meant and continued to look around, taking in the splendour.

“Idiot savant” he said and pushed me with his stick. He was irritating me; everything seemed to be in riddles.

“Relax and see as you do when you adjust to see auras “he said with more kindness

I found it was easy to switch and was aware of his incredibly strong aura, which engulfed me. Through the ripples and colours of his aura, I took in the landscape below. It was now much more vivid and three-dimensional. In fact, it was living, breathing, and full of energy. I understood and words were not needed. I noticed that the colours came from his spirit centres or chakra’s and made up the colours of his aura. His was very powerful.

“I was once an ‘idiot’ too… look” and he moved his hand and the scene changed. He took me and we watched a clumsy teenage boy wandering aimlessly through the camp.

“Before the white man and the trains there was a time my soul slept. This day that I show you was an important day for me. I was bitten by a snake, fought my demons and dark energy, passed over, and came back with the knowledge to lead my people. I knew what I needed to do after that just as you do. I was a leader; you are a healer but have been given the gift of words and storytelling. It will continue after you pass just as I continue to lead and teach”

I was trying to work out what year it was. I could have spent longer in the camp; I wanted to see how one of the women was erecting a trellis beside the fire to smoke the fish?

He smiled “this life began in 1753, I have not had another human existence since this one, and my teaching comes from elsewhere now.

We were up high on mountainous rock; we sat at a clearing between two sharp rock faces that framed our view. An eagle came and hovered close by.

The Chief said that even though they come to me, it is always polite to ask before I use their bodies to fly. I felt embarrassed briefly, for I had never asked and felt foolish that I had unknowingly been rude.

He wanted to show me how to fly and I felt myself merge with the energy of the eagle, making sure I asked permission first. Just as I almost finished my transition, he sent the eagle away and I was left dangling in mid-air. He pulled me towards him telling me

“Not that way” and that we didn’t need to join with air spirits, we didn’t need them.

As we talked, I was aware that we had moved our energy centre off the ledge of the rock and were suspended in thin air. On realising this, I dropped and the Chief caught me laughing at me again.

“Have you learnt nothing?”

His comments were not helpful.

“You are touchy because your spirit energies need more work” he held me around the middle; I was very thin in this dream state. Your aura is fractured and you picked up dark spirits when you went to retrieve soul fragments… you didn’t know the dangers…I did the same, you are lucky they are low level. You need protection; I will not always be around to look after you.

“Why not?”

He just looked at me

“I knew the answers”

I knew I would need others to help me brush the demons from my back that hid from me and that this was a waste of his time. These were low level, an irritation, and a drain more than anything. I also knew I had a friend that would soon join me. Her own teacher that would come to her but she needed to have the fracture mended to her solar plexus Chakra that was affecting her aura and her soul retrieved. My friend’s path wasn’t clear to me yet, A warrior, protector, leader, full of sexual energy and creativity, she could be anything she wanted to be.

“Are we Shaman” I laughed

“Some might call us so”


I am part of the water. The water creates an avatar. My consciousness is within this image. I am using the water energy as my own.

The water is inky black and surprisingly warm. The pool forms a perfect circle. It is a small private secret underground cave which is lit only by the green glow created by the ghost mushrooms and the glow worms. The sediment in the rocks possesses an unnatural fluorescent quality.

The rocks are alive here. They store energy combined with wisdom, patience and time. This energy merges with my own. The power of earth meeting water is incredibly powerful.

For a short time I am in complete control of this energy and I invite you into the water. You feel safe and trust that I will keep you safe, you are wrong to trust these instincts. I can keep you safe but it is better that you find your own way to keep safe. There is much danger here. I will step in only if you are in mortal danger.

You wade into the water trusting your step, unaware of the deep underwater eddy that is waiting to pull you in.

I feel your struggle and watch as you are taken by surprise and pulled down. I could help but I don’t, you must find your own way. Next time I might not be here so you must learn to swim in this water. You are drowning and still I watch, knowing if I rescue you, you will never get another opportunity. Not in this lifetime. I don’t know if it would be worse to die now rather than live with only part of your soul awake.

I wonder if you are brave enough to survive. You have been under the water for a long time, struggling and I am so close to pulling you out.

“You can do it, just do it, you know what to do”

You stop struggling and relax, the eddy is of your own making and as you calm the eddy calms. You would have had to take it with you if I had intervened.

I am so impressed that you have done this. As you rise with glowing white dust in your crown there is an energy trail of tiny stars heading up to the sky in the hole in the roof of the cave.

You have other energies combined with you. Your father’s energy is strong around you as is the energy if the dolphin.

You bathe in the water and understand so much more now. You turn into an image of your younger self. You have taken this opportunity to heal yourself and now things will be different.

Chief Yellepit

I had another dream…

Chief Yellepit was sitting on a flat surfaced rock smoking his pipe, beside the river, enjoying the sun. I was beside him lying on the grass with my bare feet draped in the cool running water.

He was shaking his head and laughing at me.

I had asked him why I was writing the stuff I was writing cos it was wasn’t what I wanted to write.

He continued to laugh, he reminded me of the Dalai Lama but his laughter was less infectious. I felt a like a child that didn’t understand something.

He picked up his stick and pointed to my belly.

“It is no great mystery… your spirit energy has opened and needs to be expressed. You have seven powers in your body, some are open, and some are not, it is as it needs to be. “

I didn’t understand and he continued to laugh.

He shook his head, was he playing with me? I felt like a child.

“That part” and he pointed at my belly (at my scars) “was blocked and closed for a long time. What comes now, needs to come, let it come… enjoy it “. He found this amusing.

A blue snake came and rested in between us and he lay his stick down next to it.

He pointed to my throat and said he would clear that one today.

He picked the compliant snake up, it glistened with a silvery coating, and fed it into my mouth. I felt it go in and down my throat, I expected to gag but I didn’t. It wasn’t unpleasant nor pleasant it just felt natural in a strange way. Something remarkable changed. It would be as if a blind person would feel if they could see again after they had lost their sight for a while. Only words would come to me with ease now.

We exchanged a knowing look between each other, no words were needed.

I asked “why me?”

He said “you’re not particularly special, you’ve just reached that level of evolvement… there is much more to learn. Soon you will see auras again and when we come to here” and he hit me on the top of the head with his stick, “you will understand

A dream i’d like to share

Dreams provide much inspiration for my writing. In my last, I was shown a beautifully bound hard backed copy of a book. It was cream with a picture of a crow an albatross and butterflies. The title was ‘Transformation of an Urban Shaman’ it was written by a name I knew as mine.

In my dream I found myself in a blackened cave. By the shuffling and breathing, my senses knew I was not alone. A slow deep humming began and as the sound grew and fluctuated I could see the shapes of people, even faces presented to me as sound. I was positioned in the middle of these people gathered around me and felt a strong connection to them all.

As the humming raised in frequency I felt my insides carry up. I was being moved around the room guided by their strange vibrations. It reminded me of a sound I’d heard plants made, a truly resonating beauty that could be felt.

This experience went on for many minutes. I was lucidly experiencing every aspect of this dream. The humming was constant, nothing like a melody or any tune I’d heard. But with each higher frequency in vibration I felt myself lift. Many voices in a perfect harmonious drone that seemed to be speaking to my soul.

The noise became secondary to an Indian Chief who appeared in front of me. I’d seen his face before in dreams his name was Yellepit.

This Great Spirit, I was surprised to see stood no taller than I, approached me in the darkness lit by the light of people’s auras.

Hands outstretched with a kind benevolent purpose, he wrapped them around my head. His left hand held the back of my neck, the other found my forehead

His hands felt remarkable in their texture, cool and hardened, smooth and strong, like many years of weathered leather. He offered only the lightest of touch when he contacted my skin.

I felt a strong thumb force itself into a place in the centre of my forehead. As he moved it around I felt no pain and he muttered words I didn’t know. It felt as if he were sweeping cobwebs away, sticky and difficult.

His other hand found my face and his left thumb found the corner of my eye. He pushed again, gently and firmly, forcing it deep. I felt a bubbling and then a waterfall of tears were released. We stood connected surrounded by the growing humming.

He withdrew, the intimacy over. He looked at me and left me with these words;

“You can now see”

“You can now write”

“People will listen to you”

As he disappeared into the darkness I looked at my hands. In one he had left a small red feather that absorbed into my skin.