Short Stories

What is this blogging milarkey all about?

I promised myself that I would use my blog more regularly and understand what the world of blogging is all about.

Up until now I have only used it to store short stories or parts of stores and use to link to those stories, but it seems it can offer so much more. Are you a regular blogger? Maybe’s you’d like to share what blogging means to you. Most of my stories don’t find their way here in case by some miracle they are selected for publication. Is it considered publishing to post stories on your blog?

Is a blog used as a modern diary? In a day where social media rules, even those private thoughts are shared. Does it make those private thoughts feel more important with the thought that someone might read them.

I have no idea I wonder if I’ll find out?


First story published

My first short story “The Heart” has been published in this wonderful anthology of horror writing. Fox Emm is a determined and talented editor and a clear passion for this genre. I suspect this anthology may be the first of many.

It can be found on Amazon using the link below.

Many thanks to Fox for increasing my confidence as a writer. By including my story it spurred me on with my current Novel “The Malevolence” which I hope to publish next year. I shall be updating my blog more regularly in the new year and including excerpts


I am part of the water. The water creates an avatar. My consciousness is within this image. I am using the water energy as my own.

The water is inky black and surprisingly warm. The pool forms a perfect circle. It is a small private secret underground cave which is lit only by the green glow created by the ghost mushrooms and the glow worms. The sediment in the rocks possesses an unnatural fluorescent quality.

The rocks are alive here. They store energy combined with wisdom, patience and time. This energy merges with my own. The power of earth meeting water is incredibly powerful.

For a short time I am in complete control of this energy and I invite you into the water. You feel safe and trust that I will keep you safe, you are wrong to trust these instincts. I can keep you safe but it is better that you find your own way to keep safe. There is much danger here. I will step in only if you are in mortal danger.

You wade into the water trusting your step, unaware of the deep underwater eddy that is waiting to pull you in.

I feel your struggle and watch as you are taken by surprise and pulled down. I could help but I don’t, you must find your own way. Next time I might not be here so you must learn to swim in this water. You are drowning and still I watch, knowing if I rescue you, you will never get another opportunity. Not in this lifetime. I don’t know if it would be worse to die now rather than live with only part of your soul awake.

I wonder if you are brave enough to survive. You have been under the water for a long time, struggling and I am so close to pulling you out.

“You can do it, just do it, you know what to do”

You stop struggling and relax, the eddy is of your own making and as you calm the eddy calms. You would have had to take it with you if I had intervened.

I am so impressed that you have done this. As you rise with glowing white dust in your crown there is an energy trail of tiny stars heading up to the sky in the hole in the roof of the cave.

You have other energies combined with you. Your father’s energy is strong around you as is the energy if the dolphin.

You bathe in the water and understand so much more now. You turn into an image of your younger self. You have taken this opportunity to heal yourself and now things will be different.

Mrs Bridge following on from Sian’s inspirational post. I rose to the challenge presented on her blog. thank you Sian.

Laura’s mother, Livonia was applying her eye make and thinking about what her daughter had described about the incident at the park yesterday, pleased all was well, but still couldn’t deny her feelings and was sure Tony was a creep..

Laura rang every morning at eight o’clock, not out of obligation but rather out of friendship and concern. Livvy would prefer it if that friendship started later some days, and this was one of those days.

She had slept badly, tired and grumpy her monosyllabic answers to her daughter had cut the conversation short. She felt pangs of regret because she was ready to talk now and had missed her opportunity.

She looked closely at her eyes, they didn’t look like hers. Hers got compliments, these belonged to an older woman. When did that loose skin get there? She pulled at the laughter lines at the side of her eyes, bemused at how far they stretched.

She sighed deeply, an important birthday was coming up, and fifty was waiting for her at the weekend. She knew Laura had some things planned and she sighed again and hoped she would see it.

She’d felt the same at thirty and at forty but this time it was different. This time it wasn’t based on unsound fears about a fragile mortality. She knew her time was almost done and there was still so much to do. It’s funny how the work mounts up just before a deadline.

“Are you ready yet?” Michelle barked, but her words came wrapped in a smile. Her friend and nurse, spoke with an affectionate attitude, designed as always to get a reaction, even on her down days.

“You’ll wait a few more moments until I fix my wig, if I’m off for this new chemo I want to look my best.” Livvy flattened down her own straying dead hairs with the blonde wig that was so much like her old hair… she smiled at her image in the mirror.

“Let’s go”.

Chief Yellepit

I had another dream…

Chief Yellepit was sitting on a flat surfaced rock smoking his pipe, beside the river, enjoying the sun. I was beside him lying on the grass with my bare feet draped in the cool running water.

He was shaking his head and laughing at me.

I had asked him why I was writing the stuff I was writing cos it was wasn’t what I wanted to write.

He continued to laugh, he reminded me of the Dalai Lama but his laughter was less infectious. I felt a like a child that didn’t understand something.

He picked up his stick and pointed to my belly.

“It is no great mystery… your spirit energy has opened and needs to be expressed. You have seven powers in your body, some are open, and some are not, it is as it needs to be. “

I didn’t understand and he continued to laugh.

He shook his head, was he playing with me? I felt like a child.

“That part” and he pointed at my belly (at my scars) “was blocked and closed for a long time. What comes now, needs to come, let it come… enjoy it “. He found this amusing.

A blue snake came and rested in between us and he lay his stick down next to it.

He pointed to my throat and said he would clear that one today.

He picked the compliant snake up, it glistened with a silvery coating, and fed it into my mouth. I felt it go in and down my throat, I expected to gag but I didn’t. It wasn’t unpleasant nor pleasant it just felt natural in a strange way. Something remarkable changed. It would be as if a blind person would feel if they could see again after they had lost their sight for a while. Only words would come to me with ease now.

We exchanged a knowing look between each other, no words were needed.

I asked “why me?”

He said “you’re not particularly special, you’ve just reached that level of evolvement… there is much more to learn. Soon you will see auras again and when we come to here” and he hit me on the top of the head with his stick, “you will understand


Sharon Twizell, a psychiatric nurse for most of her life, has not waded in the cesspool of human experience, without learning a few things. With stories a’ plenty and her body almost ready for the knackers yard, she now continues her adventures with the characters that inhabit tenebrous dark worlds. With a love of horror and a talent for the tastefully erotic she dares to challenge the reader to take a metaphysical ride into the unknown. Her new novel “The Malevolence” will spirit you into the dark world of the unexpected and spit you out wondering if what you read was fact or fiction. …….


I hate that bleep sound. Why won’t they just come and turn it off? …BLEEP. My rising irritation is fighting with my deep desire to sleep and my anger is winning…BLEEP. With the last of my energy I turn to face the machine that is now the focus of my hatred… BLEEP. I see the saline and the antibiotics have run their course and although I know how to reset the machine, my energy is spent. …BLEEP. So I just lie and hate the instrument of torture before me…BLEEP.

My pain is back, this is a seven, and I know they’ll ask…BLEEP. Oh no! This feels odd, a pop and then eight, nine… BLEEP.

My buzzer lies just a foot away but may as well be miles, so I lie and hate that as well…BLEEP. I know they’re busy and they don’t realise how life threatening this is, I think, as my pain envelops me… BLEEP. I wonder, is my pain new or has the morphine worn off? I didn’t know nor really care I just want it away…BLEEP.

I find myself uncomfortable, awash with wet, cold, sweat…BLEEP. My body starts to shiver, oh man! That’s all I need…BLEEP.

The kind nurse appears, although no glasses, drugged and dying it’s hard to make her out… BLEEP. I recognise her aura, it’s strong with bright white light… BLEEP. She’s different to the others, she cares about what she does…BLEEP.

She resets the machine and there’s no bleep, and pushes the buzzer to my hand.

“You should have buzzed us dear”, she takes my temperature and runs away.

“I’m cold, in pain and don’t feel right” I whisper, but no one there to hear. My violent shaking made me hope she’s gone to get a blanket.

Sweat was running down my eyebrows and pooling uncomfortably in my eyes, I can’t raise my hand to clear them, another irritation. I blink and blink but even that is too much effort and so I close them…BLEEP. That bloody noise is back.

There is a lot of noise around me and as I force my eyes to open all I see are auras. White, yellow, turquoise, green and blue, majestic in their lustre…BLEEP. I want a blanket and she got me a fan… why is she so cruel. It is blasting right in my face… I hate my new endurance test. My pain has reached a pinnacle, my whole body alive with it…BLEEP. Before the morphine could reach my veins, my pain disappears. I transcend pain and leave my body, but my thoughts and sense remain. I connect to the energies, I now no longer care, all I feel is peace and see the love from the auras.

This is a rush, I am so aware of everything. I am connecting and merging with so many energies. A knowledge comes over me. I understand so much now that I couldn’t know before. Life is so simple and pure. My soul feels energised. How could I possibly ever have forgotten how this feels? I am happy to follow this energy trail, it is where I want to be. I want to connect with other brighter energies, I need to evolve…

I see a young pretty doctor, dressed in green scrubs. She has amazing eyes, big and full of compassion. She is talking to me but I can’t hear her words.

“It’s ok, you’re going to feel groggy, and you’ve had another big op… your bowel had perforated and you had sepsis again… I think we lost you, but your time here must not be done.”

I watch her walk away, the machine next to me starts to bleep, but it doesn’t bother me. My life will be different from now on. I need a pen and paper, I need to write.