I have a strong and abiding love of psychological horror and have written many short stories over the years. Some I am revisiting on a writing course I am doing (https://www.futurelearn.com) in order to develop my style and writer’s voice, but mainly new, that may be developed further or entered into competitions.

From time to time I shall be adding flash fiction stories up to 1000 words on my blog, trying different styles of writing and introducing characters from my books. Feel free to comment or constructively criticise. I am sure to take all comments on board but bear in mind I am still finding my feet as a writer and what you see is still a work in progress.

I have two very different novels on the go at the moment. ‘Malevolence’ and ‘wimmin of the nursing home’ these can be found under their own headings.

Thank you for popping in, you are welcome anytime.


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