What is this blogging milarkey all about?

I promised myself that I would use my blog more regularly and understand what the world of blogging is all about.

Up until now I have only used it to store short stories or parts of stores and use to link to those stories, but it seems it can offer so much more. Are you a regular blogger? Maybe’s you’d like to share what blogging means to you. Most of my stories don’t find their way here in case by some miracle they are selected for publication. Is it considered publishing to post stories on your blog?

Is a blog used as a modern diary? In a day where social media rules, even those private thoughts are shared. Does it make those private thoughts feel more important with the thought that someone might read them.

I have no idea I wonder if I’ll find out?


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  1. I am no expert but I have been told that a story on a blog is technically ‘published.’ I usually save stories that I enter into competitions with the closing dates of the competition on the end. When (if) I am sure it hasn’t won it goes on my blog..

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