The Malevolence

Outline of Book One in a hundred words

Cyprian, born without a soul, exchanged by his parents in a Faustian deal, grew up to write The Book of The Dead. He lied his way to sainthood and when his false faith resulted in beheading, an eternal dark energy found life.

The Malevolence grew, fed by corruption and greed, enslaved to the cursed book.

It caused the fall of the Roman Empire and led The Crusaders to their annihilation. A tribe of woman, slaves and prostitutes damaged the book with their pure energy.

Stolen, it caused witch trials and plagues, ending up buried.

Found! The evil unleashed once again.



Outline of Book Two in a hundred words.

Set in St. Cyprian’s Psychiatric hospital, dripping with sadness, on the outskirts of a town, once known, as Murder Path.

Joy Delaney, a reluctant psychic finds intelligence, courage and her remarkable friends would not be enough to prepare her for what awaited.

Levi De Silva, enigmatic and terrifying, opens a world into the darkest pit of human misery.

Help comes using Shamanistic practices, used in demonic battles and soul retrievals culminating in access to the elusive Akashic Records

Corruption endemic within the hospital creates surprising sub stories that lead to the highest organisations in the world.

How will it end?






      1. Truly fascinating! A time before towns of even villages. Crude dwellings, often with only one room that accommodated their animals also. Christianity was slowly making its presence felt and Bishops held the power. Marriage did not formally exist but a union could be blessed by the bishop. Times were harsh and plague and famine rife, it’s a wonder any survived. My story starts here with the middle wife tearing life from a dying mother x


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