Mountain Talk

Chief Yellepit

He took me to a high place, easily 200-300 feet above the river and the lake. In the distance was a pointy mountain with a plume of smoke. He said they called it Hood. They called it some word with S’s in it… There were times when the ash would fall like rain and it would make the water in the river dangerous quicksand. It was truly a beautiful sight, brutal and elemental but awe-inspiring

He told me to look with my new vision; I wasn’t sure what he meant and continued to look around, taking in the splendour.

“Idiot savant” he said and pushed me with his stick. He was irritating me; everything seemed to be in riddles.

“Relax and see as you do when you adjust to see auras “he said with more kindness

I found it was easy to switch and was aware of his incredibly strong aura, which engulfed me. Through the ripples and colours of his aura, I took in the landscape below. It was now much more vivid and three-dimensional. In fact, it was living, breathing, and full of energy. I understood and words were not needed. I noticed that the colours came from his spirit centres or chakra’s and made up the colours of his aura. His was very powerful.

“I was once an ‘idiot’ too… look” and he moved his hand and the scene changed. He took me and we watched a clumsy teenage boy wandering aimlessly through the camp.

“Before the white man and the trains there was a time my soul slept. This day that I show you was an important day for me. I was bitten by a snake, fought my demons and dark energy, passed over, and came back with the knowledge to lead my people. I knew what I needed to do after that just as you do. I was a leader; you are a healer but have been given the gift of words and storytelling. It will continue after you pass just as I continue to lead and teach”

I was trying to work out what year it was. I could have spent longer in the camp; I wanted to see how one of the women was erecting a trellis beside the fire to smoke the fish?

He smiled “this life began in 1753, I have not had another human existence since this one, and my teaching comes from elsewhere now.

We were up high on mountainous rock; we sat at a clearing between two sharp rock faces that framed our view. An eagle came and hovered close by.

The Chief said that even though they come to me, it is always polite to ask before I use their bodies to fly. I felt embarrassed briefly, for I had never asked and felt foolish that I had unknowingly been rude.

He wanted to show me how to fly and I felt myself merge with the energy of the eagle, making sure I asked permission first. Just as I almost finished my transition, he sent the eagle away and I was left dangling in mid-air. He pulled me towards him telling me

“Not that way” and that we didn’t need to join with air spirits, we didn’t need them.

As we talked, I was aware that we had moved our energy centre off the ledge of the rock and were suspended in thin air. On realising this, I dropped and the Chief caught me laughing at me again.

“Have you learnt nothing?”

His comments were not helpful.

“You are touchy because your spirit energies need more work” he held me around the middle; I was very thin in this dream state. Your aura is fractured and you picked up dark spirits when you went to retrieve soul fragments… you didn’t know the dangers…I did the same, you are lucky they are low level. You need protection; I will not always be around to look after you.

“Why not?”

He just looked at me

“I knew the answers”

I knew I would need others to help me brush the demons from my back that hid from me and that this was a waste of his time. These were low level, an irritation, and a drain more than anything. I also knew I had a friend that would soon join me. Her own teacher that would come to her but she needed to have the fracture mended to her solar plexus Chakra that was affecting her aura and her soul retrieved. My friend’s path wasn’t clear to me yet, A warrior, protector, leader, full of sexual energy and creativity, she could be anything she wanted to be.

“Are we Shaman” I laughed

“Some might call us so”


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