I am part of the water. The water creates an avatar. My consciousness is within this image. I am using the water energy as my own.

The water is inky black and surprisingly warm. The pool forms a perfect circle. It is a small private secret underground cave which is lit only by the green glow created by the ghost mushrooms and the glow worms. The sediment in the rocks possesses an unnatural fluorescent quality.

The rocks are alive here. They store energy combined with wisdom, patience and time. This energy merges with my own. The power of earth meeting water is incredibly powerful.

For a short time I am in complete control of this energy and I invite you into the water. You feel safe and trust that I will keep you safe, you are wrong to trust these instincts. I can keep you safe but it is better that you find your own way to keep safe. There is much danger here. I will step in only if you are in mortal danger.

You wade into the water trusting your step, unaware of the deep underwater eddy that is waiting to pull you in.

I feel your struggle and watch as you are taken by surprise and pulled down. I could help but I don’t, you must find your own way. Next time I might not be here so you must learn to swim in this water. You are drowning and still I watch, knowing if I rescue you, you will never get another opportunity. Not in this lifetime. I don’t know if it would be worse to die now rather than live with only part of your soul awake.

I wonder if you are brave enough to survive. You have been under the water for a long time, struggling and I am so close to pulling you out.

“You can do it, just do it, you know what to do”

You stop struggling and relax, the eddy is of your own making and as you calm the eddy calms. You would have had to take it with you if I had intervened.

I am so impressed that you have done this. As you rise with glowing white dust in your crown there is an energy trail of tiny stars heading up to the sky in the hole in the roof of the cave.

You have other energies combined with you. Your father’s energy is strong around you as is the energy if the dolphin.

You bathe in the water and understand so much more now. You turn into an image of your younger self. You have taken this opportunity to heal yourself and now things will be different.



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