Chief Yellepit

I had another dream…

Chief Yellepit was sitting on a flat surfaced rock smoking his pipe, beside the river, enjoying the sun. I was beside him lying on the grass with my bare feet draped in the cool running water.

He was shaking his head and laughing at me.

I had asked him why I was writing the stuff I was writing cos it was wasn’t what I wanted to write.

He continued to laugh, he reminded me of the Dalai Lama but his laughter was less infectious. I felt a like a child that didn’t understand something.

He picked up his stick and pointed to my belly.

“It is no great mystery… your spirit energy has opened and needs to be expressed. You have seven powers in your body, some are open, and some are not, it is as it needs to be. “

I didn’t understand and he continued to laugh.

He shook his head, was he playing with me? I felt like a child.

“That part” and he pointed at my belly (at my scars) “was blocked and closed for a long time. What comes now, needs to come, let it come… enjoy it “. He found this amusing.

A blue snake came and rested in between us and he lay his stick down next to it.

He pointed to my throat and said he would clear that one today.

He picked the compliant snake up, it glistened with a silvery coating, and fed it into my mouth. I felt it go in and down my throat, I expected to gag but I didn’t. It wasn’t unpleasant nor pleasant it just felt natural in a strange way. Something remarkable changed. It would be as if a blind person would feel if they could see again after they had lost their sight for a while. Only words would come to me with ease now.

We exchanged a knowing look between each other, no words were needed.

I asked “why me?”

He said “you’re not particularly special, you’ve just reached that level of evolvement… there is much more to learn. Soon you will see auras again and when we come to here” and he hit me on the top of the head with his stick, “you will understand



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