A dream i’d like to share

Dreams provide much inspiration for my writing. In my last, I was shown a beautifully bound hard backed copy of a book. It was cream with a picture of a crow an albatross and butterflies. The title was ‘Transformation of an Urban Shaman’ it was written by a name I knew as mine.

In my dream I found myself in a blackened cave. By the shuffling and breathing, my senses knew I was not alone. A slow deep humming began and as the sound grew and fluctuated I could see the shapes of people, even faces presented to me as sound. I was positioned in the middle of these people gathered around me and felt a strong connection to them all.

As the humming raised in frequency I felt my insides carry up. I was being moved around the room guided by their strange vibrations. It reminded me of a sound I’d heard plants made, a truly resonating beauty that could be felt.

This experience went on for many minutes. I was lucidly experiencing every aspect of this dream. The humming was constant, nothing like a melody or any tune I’d heard. But with each higher frequency in vibration I felt myself lift. Many voices in a perfect harmonious drone that seemed to be speaking to my soul.

The noise became secondary to an Indian Chief who appeared in front of me. I’d seen his face before in dreams his name was Yellepit.

This Great Spirit, I was surprised to see stood no taller than I, approached me in the darkness lit by the light of people’s auras.

Hands outstretched with a kind benevolent purpose, he wrapped them around my head. His left hand held the back of my neck, the other found my forehead

His hands felt remarkable in their texture, cool and hardened, smooth and strong, like many years of weathered leather. He offered only the lightest of touch when he contacted my skin.

I felt a strong thumb force itself into a place in the centre of my forehead. As he moved it around I felt no pain and he muttered words I didn’t know. It felt as if he were sweeping cobwebs away, sticky and difficult.

His other hand found my face and his left thumb found the corner of my eye. He pushed again, gently and firmly, forcing it deep. I felt a bubbling and then a waterfall of tears were released. We stood connected surrounded by the growing humming.

He withdrew, the intimacy over. He looked at me and left me with these words;

“You can now see”

“You can now write”

“People will listen to you”

As he disappeared into the darkness I looked at my hands. In one he had left a small red feather that absorbed into my skin.


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