Soul Awakening

Asking the Universe for help.


This must never be undertaken lightly, for it is a serious matter. It is reserved for those times in our lives when we are truly at an impasse. Something feels wrong deep down and that we are on a path that is not our own. These are times when our soul is telling us something but we must be able to listen. We feel lost and without a purpose.

In order to ask the Universe for help we must remove all the things that are getting in the way of that important communication and pure energy.

We must relax the body and quiet the mind, create a space where meditation can occur. Whether that be outside in a sacred place, or inside with candles, music or drums. Sometimes music can help open the portal to a place of a higher vibration. It depends on how easily you can meditate. If there is still a commentary in your head then you are not there and may have to try another time.

Once the mind is truly quiet and you are no longer aware of the feelings of your body then you are there. Even when you deal with chronic daily pain it disappears when you reach this place. The exchange doesn’t happen on a conscious level but when you are in this place you are receptive to a purity of energy that can awaken your soul and give you the answers.

There is no great mystery as to what happens, we are just connecting with the deepest part of ourselves and that pure energy can connect to the greater universal energy.

Afterwards life becomes simpler, obstacles fall away and we can find our true purpose. It’s quite amazing what you can discover when you find yourself close to death. I know it has changed my life.

The tunnel we walk through at the end of our life isn’t quite as it has been shown in art and stories, but it does exist. It is simply our soul returning to the source. The tunnel, not a tunnel but a beam of energy of our creating. Our connection to the source but on our last journey it disappears behind there can be no return but we can connect to other energies because our spirit lives on.

If these words inspire anything, resonating to something deep inside, it might not make any sense to your mind but your soul will understand. Find a quiet place and you will also see and find a way to open up the magic that lies within. I urge you do not waste more time our souls they can sleep forever. But once awakened human experience is filled with wonder once again the same as when we were so children



  1. Although practiced by me with rare but memorable success. This is an initial draft of instruction from my shaman character in The Malevolence. My mc starts initiations through her dreams. I keep thinking of scenes and need to write drafts and they get put all over x


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