Monday Challenge

Eileen’s challenge. Select book 3rd from end. 8th chapter, 15 sentence “Mine was A Shakespeare Anthology. Chapter 8 A midsummer nights dream. Sentence 15. “So quick bright things come to confusion” what am I to do with that ?

So quick bright things come to confusion” had been the strangest headstone inscription I had ever seen. I took a photo with my phone and decided to do some research later. There really must be an interesting story behind that I thought.

I rubbed the stone to reveal the dates as they were much worn, I guessed seventeenth century and the last date sixty nine, I thought.

The grave, at the oldest part of the ancient cemetery of St Cyprian’s Church, well off the beaten track and not accustomed to visitors, was shaded by a huge oak tree. The roots would certainly be causing problems with the inhabitant judging by the gnarled, knobbly protrusions.

There was a pretty carpet of unusual blue flowers that spread across the grave and up the stone and tree. I tried to pick one to examine closer but every time the flower would quickly disappear into the ground. After several attempts I managed to snare one and as I looked I felt my eye sting. I rubbed my eye hard and it watered. I felt strangely tired and lay down on the grave.

When I opened my eyes I was surrounded by tiny, delicate, winged people who were laughing and chattering away. They were pointing at me and dancing on me. I felt dizzy. They shouted together

“Come and join us, come and join us we need a female”

I shouted “No! Leave me alone”

Next thing I knew was the vicar offering his hand and helping me up.

“Are you alright, my dear?”

“I’m not sure” I said getting up.

I turned to point at the grave but found only a bench beneath the old Oak tree.

“I’m confused” I said “but wait” remembering my photo.

No photo was on my phone, alas and I couldn’t recall the inscription.

The vicar looked at me with such a look and as he accompanied me out of the churchyard he said.

“There have been many strange things happen at that tree over the years. Your story is not unique. The bench commemorates several people that have gone missing over the years who were last seen at the graveyard.”

As he turned to walk away I swear I heard him say

“So quick bright things come confusion” and I saw him disappear.

I still have no idea what it means but I ain’t going back.



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